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What reviewers and other users say about InfoHandler

A collection of friendly comments that we found in reviews and e-mails send to us from users of InfoHandler - thanks to all of them for their kind words.

Was Kritiker und Benutzer über InfoHandler sagen

Wir fanden alle diese Kommentare in Besprechungen und in E-Mails, die uns von InfoHandler-Benutzern erreichten - allen diesen danken wir für ihre freundlichen Bemerkungen.

At the Socrates Website of Berkeley University you can find a list of several all-purpose information managers and the remark: "InfoHandler, still the cheapest of the programs listed below ..., offers especially good value in this category."

Here are a few remarks that we picked from articles sent to the InfoHandler Forum .
If you want to read the originals and learn more about the context where these comments were made, just join this Yahoo! Group and browse the archive.

Well, here are some of my first impressions after several hours of running InfoHandler 7.6.3 and 8Beta2:
+ Powerful program, using state-of-the-art Windows technology
+ Neat user-interface, excellent on-line help and documentation
+ The program logic is very Agenda-alike
+ Linking to external documents, hyperlinks, OLE open the way to interesting applications far beyond what is possible with Agenda.
+ Well-designed, comprehensive tree view of info-items

It feels a little strange, yes - new way of thinking - but when you see the result.... it's just fantastic!!! (and I have been working with all kind of document-managing programs over the years - and they all where in some way or another based on the old way of filing in folders and selfs). This is so much better - you can really find the info anywhere in connection with what ever that have a connection to that exactly piece of Info.

Million thanks for an wonderful program - if there is an program that everyone should have - THIS IS IT!!!

What a luck that I've found this program - after almost three years of searching! And I was just looking for something that could help me to sort all my info regarding to my genealogy research - and then I've found so much more!! AWESOME!

I can't see how the help system could be better, it is one of the best - shareware or buy before you try software.

And now I found InfoHandler that is almost like a dream come true. Thanks for taking a simple concept and turning it into a very powerfull and flexible piece of software.

Remarks from users sent to us as e-mail - latest first (we really couldn't have invented these)

Terry Masters from Portland, Oregon, USA - 16-March-2005

I think IH's ability to have multiple groups of hierarchically arranged categories is pure genius! For my purposes, it's the most powerful feature I've yet found. I'm pretty sure this functionality can be accomplished in other programs, but I found the use of other programs to be frustrating , and often counter-intuitive. IH is actually FUN for me to use! (Isn't that against the law? ;-) The intellectual challenge of optimizing the design of a database is fascinating (of course, it can be time consuming, too).

David G. Umbaugh from Hudson, Ohio, USA - 2-February-2005

I want you to know I am delighted with your product. I spent most of the past Sunday afternoon learning it; it immediately has yielded dramatic results in my law office. The nature of an active attorney's day is one of constantly changing priorities, as a stream of telephone calls, emails, mail, client meetings, etc. require continual shifts of attention. The data is highly fluid, and very difficult to track well. It is very "free form"; its nature defies the use of traditional database applications. Your software appears to be flexible enough to permit me to react with the promptness, and with the confidence, that I am investing my time where it is most required at the moment. The program is ideally suited to implement David Allen's well received time management system described in his book ''Getting Things Done." Allen's teachings, and your software, are an ideal marriage. Great job. Thanks!

Michael Scudder from Brooklyn , New York, USA - 25-January 2005

commented this on the Posting Board of the David Allen Company (see here): After assessing a number of different tools, I decided on InfoHandler by MDE Software to catalog my online document and offline book collections. Primary attractions for me of InfoHandler include its support for faceted classification schemes, annotations, and the ability to assign an entry to multiple categories. Thus, for example, I've created category sets for author, source, subject, genre, month, year, medium (film, television, radio, print, etc.) and physical location (in my library), among others. I've found InfoHandler robust and fast for a database of tens of thousands of entries with thousands of categories.

Daly de Gagne from Winnipeg, Canada - 3-January 2005

posted this article about InfoHandler in the forum, and caused some discussion about the software (see here).

George Ngan from Hongkong - 2-November-2004

And Yes I am Chinese and user of Agenda 1 and 2 since 90? To 92. Never find another software better that this free form database, other stuff like infoselect never matches the flexibility of Agenda, IH is as close (and in some area better) to Agenda as anything in the public.

Jeff Roule from LaPlace , Ohio, Louisiana , USA - 22-August-2004

... this is a fantastic application. I'm still in the process of moving all of my information into it, but I have not encountered any problems so far and I absolutely love the way each item can be categorized. I also really like the companion Pocket PC application. Thanks for 2 great applications.

Dev Green from USA - 17-March-2004

What a wonderful program with magnificent features! For 3 years, I've been trying everything from ASKSAM and SURFSAM ... to Zoot to Ariadne to X to Literary Machine to Black, you name it: if it's a serious PIM that can allegedly include graphics and catalog email as well as documents and bookmarks, I've tried it...or I'm ready to try it on my serious PIM Grail Quest. But from my initial trial and read-through of Help docs, INFO-HANDLER seems to have the greatest array of features... So I do want to congratulate your team on both your obviously visionary work, and the extremely comprehensive utilitarian features of INFO-HANDLER.

John Fouts from Farmington Hills, Michigan, USA, - 10-March-2004

Thank you for putting together a comprehensive, no nonsense application. On the surface Info Handler can appear complicated. Once mastered a wealth of flexibility and power is afforded the persistent user. I am a 10 year veteran of Zoot and found the Info Handler interface refreshing, and the categorization abilities extremely useful. I carefully studied every research/info capture application I could locate(over 30) and chose Info Handler due mainly to it's unique categorization abilities.

Mark L. Hanover from Chicago, Illinois, USA - 29-January-2003

"I also want to let you know that InfoHandler has become a crucially
important part of my legal practice, and I have been "spreading the word"
about the benefits of InfoHandler with a missionary zeal. I hope the
program continues to grow and be supported for a long time to come!"

Read here how Mark manages his law practice.

Christopher Armstrong from New Philadelphia, Ohio, USA - 8-January-2002

"I am using InfoHandler to assist me in growing a new business segment at my company. I was a previous user of Lotus Agenda (a long time ago) and had often hoped that someone would transport that type of capability to the Windows environment. MDE has done that and more. I was convinced of the products worth after only a few days of use. Nice work."

Dr. Bruce Wyman from McNeese State University, Lake Charles, Louisiana , USA - 03-Sep-2001

"Your program is so valuable to me that it is keeping me from migrating to Linux."

Dr. J. Stafford Durham from Atlanta, Georgia, USA - 29-Jul-2001

"Just want you to know I have had InfoHandler for 3 days and already registered it because I don't need 57 days more to try it out! Infohandler is the most incredible organizer of information I have found and don't expect it to be equaled." The first project Stafford did with InfoHandler was to move his travel database to an Infobase. He thinks this might be of some use also to others interested in visiting places and indeed this is a fine example for storing information about sights all over the world. You can download this Infobase here .

Thomas van der Straten from Santiago, Chile - 29-Jun-2001

registered InfoHandler after evaluating for more than two years (!) - see also his remarks far below) and wrote: "I guess you'd like to know why I chose InfoHandler among and above all other software (more than 40 reviewed) 1.- The stability of the system, and its perfect integration with windows 98 (spanish)
2.- The 8 queryable and organizational fields with their personalized characteristics (the best)
3.- The solid improvment child/slave you made (impressive idea and improvment)
4.- The main look and ease of use of the user interface
5.- The possibility of fields inside the note (bracketed <...> [] { } )
6.- High results on research and ease of research
7.- As a stable system, the ability to use my dictation system to take notes"

Nick Bentley from Bradford, Great Britain - 27-Apr-2001

"I have been looking for a 'Windows version of Agenda' for a long time now and I have started to use the program initial for fixed data on customers, products, suppliers etc.etc. and while I haven't got around to using all the facilities yet - it is looking really good!"

Dr. Rolf W. Puster aus Ludwigshafen, Deutschland - 30.03.01

"Obgleich nur wenig Zeit verstrichen ist, seit ich Ihr Programm InfoHandler downgeloaded und registriert habe, ist es mir ein Bedürfnis, Ihnen meine Begeisterung über dieses Produkt zum Ausdruck zu bringen. Es ist genau das, wonach ich als Wissenschaftler, der die Struktur seiner Informationen in kein starres Datenbanksystem zu bringen vermag, immer schon gesucht habe (am besten bin ich bisher noch mit askSam 3.0i gefahren; doch InfoHandler ist ihm in den meisten wichtigen Belangen turmhoch überlegen). Die Komplexität des Programms wird bei weitem überwogen von seiner Flexibilität und der Mächtigkeit seiner Funktionen. Es ist mir völlig unverständlich, weshalb ich nur durch Zufall auf InfoHandler gestoßen bin und das Programm nicht längst in aller Munde ist (zumindest im Munde aller jener, die den PC ernsthaft zur Informationsverwaltung einsetzen). "

Enrique Puerta from Monterrey, Mexico - 30-Mar-01

"Particularly I was looking for a software that let me switch between an outliner and a table list upon the same data. Yours is the only one that does it and does it really good." Being in the need for managing tons of info that generates these days, I started a search for the best PIMS or Outliners and, believe me, nothing compares to InfoHandler. This extremely powerful piece of software has impressed me for its many outstanding features, not found in others. I am the kind of person who researches a lot before deciding. Do not waste your time. Give it a try. You will not regret it.

Dr. Hellmut Hintermeier aus St. Ingbert, Deutschland - 29.03.01

"Meine Zielsetzung beim Einsatz des Info Handlers ist es, Infos (unstrukturierte Notizen und Dokumente) in einen mehrdimensionalen Schlagwortbaum zu hängen und über diese Schlagwortverknüpfungen wiederzufinden und zu ordnen. Dies unterstützt er in nahezu idealer Weise und auch die Einarbeitung war, gestützt auf die mitgelieferten Beispiele, völlig unproblematisch."

John Alden from Canton, OH, USA - 13-Mar-01

"What a nice surprise! Haven't had much chance to work with the outline view yet, but I find the concept tremendously exciting and from what little I've tried, it's great!
The program continues to grow on me; I wish you all the best in your continuing efforts to refine such a uniquely usable piece of software."

Ashley M (Max) Saunders from New Zealand - 20-Dec-00

"I am a longtime user of Agenda since it was first released in the late eighties and have been looking for a Windows equivalent for literally years. Your product comes closest to Agenda in terms of flexibility. It is far, far, far superior to that horrible M******** product O******" (names made unrecognizable by mdeSoft)

Giovanni Meneghini from Cavazzale (VI), Italy - 5-Dec-00

"You really have to be congratulated for this software. I have been working with Infobases like Folio View since last 5 years, but I decided to shift to your InfoHandler because I found it really suitable for my needs."

Jonathan Buller from Tampa, FL, USA - 30-Nov-00

"Hey, I just wanted you to know that I have been trying out your InfoHandler program, and it is the BEST I have seen at handling all of my data. I am definitely impressed, and will register within a week or so. I have already set up 7 infobases to manage different info I work with as a student and a teacher, and the flexibility is AWESOME!!!"

Craig Reiter from Ashtabula, OH, USA - 29-Oct-00

"I am current using the trial version of InfoHandler, and I am very impressed. I plan on using a random information database to collect system information on the nuclear power plant where I work. Your cataloging system of organizing the information is particularly suited to what I want to do."

Dianne Sedgman-Cooper from Kallista, Australia - 4-Jun-00

"As I have got to know its capabilities Infohandler is now the main program that I use. I have looked around at other databases and even archive programs but come back to yours as the best.
... As an author I also find it useful for storing bits of text to be used at a later date.It is a wonderful program that allows me to manage information effectively and in ways that were never possible before."

Paolo Gaudiano from Beverly, MA, USA - 25-May-00

"First off, I want to congratulate you on what seems like a great tool. I had been searching for such a tool for some time and have never run across anything that fits my needs so well. I am just learning to use it but it already looks like the best thing I have seen."

Joe Tan from New Zealand - 29-Jan-00

"I try out your MDE infohandler software 5.4 , it's marvellous program and ingenious. It take some times to get use to it but the flexibility is incredible for such a small program which is good unlike the bloatware from Microsoft and other resource intensive software."

Richard Berke from Columbia, MD, USA - 31-Dec-99

"I had been an intensive user of Ecco from Arabesque/NetManage. I especially liked its cross-referencing info. When it was discontinued, and there was no hope for corrections or enhancements, I began hunting for a replacement. I've tried over 23 'PIM' or 'Database' or 'Information manager' products, including Daytimer, Outlook, Notes, and many Shareware products. SortItOut was looking interesting, until I found Infohandler."

Angela Booth from Ingleburn, Australia - 9-Sep-99

"I write shareware reviews for Australian PC User magazine (, so I originally downloaded the program to review it for our readers. The review of the program will appear in our December issue; I gave InfoHandler a score of 5 out of 5.
... As soon as I began using the program I saw that it would be terrific for my own use. I write business books, and have research material for upcoming and current projects scattered all over my hard drives. InfoHandler is helping me to restore order to some of the chaos."

Raymond Foster from Plymouth S. Devon, GB - 11-Aug-99

"I would like to thank you for a "Brilliant" program, it seems I have been waiting for a prog like this for years."

Josef Fuchs aus Ansbach, Deutschland - am 28.3.99

"erst seit einigen Stunden beschäftigen wir uns mit der Demoversion des InfoHandler und haben bereits eine Menge Ideen für dessen Einsatz" Josef Fuchs ist so begeistert von InfoHandler, daß er dieses InfoHandler Cartoon
schuf und uns zur Verfügung stellte.

Mark Smith from Ontario, Canada - 13-Mar-99

"By the way, I like Infobase a lot. It gives me a tremendous amount of flexibility to categorize and search for information without having to spend a lot of time worrying about what "pigeon hole" to stick it in."

Doug Baron from Centreville, Virginia, USA - 12-Mar-99

"I think you have a unique and excellent program that I really enjoy using everyday" One of Doug's first Infobases in which he stored his Internet favorites you can download here.

Thomas van der Straten from Santiago, Chile at 2-Feb-99

"Bravo for what appears to be a real good piece of software" "I am definitively enthusiastic about InfoHandler"

Lui Eicher aus Zürich, Schweiz - am 12.1.99

"Ihr Programm habe ich sehr eingehend getestet, und ich muss sagen, es hat mich überzeugt" Lui Eicher war unser erster deutschsprachiger registrierter Kunde und der zweite überhaupt.