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MDE InfoHandler™ is a Personal Information Manager,
use it as your all-around information solution.
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InfoHandler 2008
MDE InfoHandler 2008 for Windows .NET 3.5

InfoHandler 2008 is version 11 of InfoHandler, but it represents also a new generation of this software, completely re-implemented using current technology. The differences between InfoHandler 10 (see below) and InfoHandler 2008 in short: 

What is (was) MDE InfoHandler 10?

A Database for All your Information.

A Better Way to Handle Information

MDE InfoHandler is a powerful multi-purpose personal information, document, and knowledge manager . Use it to organize notes, documents, Internet links, dates, programs, Email and News messages, and anything else that can be categorized, sorted, etc — under a uniform and sophisticated interface.

MDE InfoHandler offers very efficient retrieval of information based on 1) a unique non-hierarchical scheme for 'categorizing' the info and 2) on time constraints . You can automate the categorization by searching through local and linked external documents for key phrases or words. There are two alternatives for viewing the collected info items, a tabular arrangement and a display as 'trees' of categories with the info items as the 'leaves'. Other features include password-protection, multi-user support, global text search, richly formatted text (RTF), hyperlinks to local documents and Internet pages, various drag & drop operations, special support for temporal data, optional alarms attached to the stored info items, versatile print options, customizable toolbars, and much more.

MDE InfoHandler can quickly become the sine qua non—the “must-have” program for both professionals and hobbyists whose work requires an expert control over a flood of information.So InfoHandler may well be the very thing for:

For many, MDE InfoHandler will also work well as a document manager, as an outliner, an address book, a reminder, diary, or appointment book, and consequently as a uniform yet versatile replacement for some of these more specialized programs.

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