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MDE InfoHandler™ is a Personal Information Manager,
use it as your all-around information solution.
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InfoHandler Versions

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A string containing 4 numbers identifies InfoHandler versions. The first number identifies the main version that is rarely changed. You buy a license for a main version that can be used for all updates with that main version number. The second number is incremented when significant new features are added to the program. The third number is incremented when less significant new features are added to the program. The fourth number identifies minor changes and bug fixes. <

We have been using InfoHandler internally for many years now for storing information of many types and have developed it continuously for our requirements. Moreover, it was, and still is, a testbed for the evaluation of new technologies. The following list begins with a short overview of the developments up to the release of the fourth version. The list of changes may not be complete, as minor fixes and the continued changes to the online documentation are not always included. After each version id the release date is given in parentheses.

1.0 (internal 1991)

2.0 (internal 1993)

3.0 (external July-1998) (5-Oct-98) thru (6-Oct thru 27-Oct-98) (5-Nov-98) (10-Nov-98) (18-Nov-98) (25-Nov-98) (05-Dec-98) (14-Dec-98) (20-Dec-98) (04-Jan-99) (11-Jan-99) (11-Jan-99) (18-Jan-99) (22-Jan-99) (02-Feb-99) (07-Feb-99) (17-Feb-99) (20-Feb-99) (03-Mar-99) (07-Mar-99) (26-Mar-99) (05-Apr-99) (13-Apr-99) (11-May-99) (30-May-99) (04-Aug-99) (17-Sep-99) (03-Oct-99) (04-Oct-99) (11-Oct-99) (26-Oct-99) (15-Nov-99) (21-Nov-99) (26-Nov-99) (16-Dec-99) (27-Jan-2000) (22-Feb-2000) (03-Apr-2000) (27-Apr-2000) (15-May-2000) (19-May-2000) (19-May-2000) (28-May-2000) (8-Jun-2000) (14-Jun-2000) (20-Jun-2000) (11-Jul-2000) (18-Jul-2000) (19-Aug-2000) (06-Sep-2000) (24-Sep-2000) (10-Oct-2000) (21-Nov-2000) (16-Dec-2000) (20-Jan-2001) (4-Mar-2001) (7-May-2001) (11-May-2001) (14-May-2001) (25-May-2001) (10-Aug-2001) (22-Aug-2001) (25-Sep-2001) (03-Oct-2001) (01-Nov-2001) (09-Dec-2001) (06-Jan-2002) (10-Jan-2002) (27-Jan-2002) 8.0.0 (23-Apr-2002) 8.0.1 (29-Apr-2002) 8.0.2 (28-May-2002) 8.0.3 (04-Jun-2002) 8.1.0 (09-Jun-2002) 8.1.0 (09-Jun-2002) 8.2.0 (02-Jul-2002) 8.2.1 (7-Jul-2002) 8.3.0 (18-Oct-2002) 8.3.1 (16-Nov-2002) 8.3.2 (29-Nov-2002) 8.4.0 (19-Dec-2002) 8.4.2 (05-Jan-2003) 8.4.3 (11-Jan-2003) 8.4.4 (19-Jan-2003) 8.5.0 (29-Jan-2003) 8.5.1 (04-Mar-2003) 8.5.2 (06-Jul-2003) 8.6.0 (10-AUG-2003) 8.7.0 (29-Sep-2003) 8.8.0 (07-Nov-2003) 8.8.1 (24-Jan-2004) 8.8.2 (29-Jan-2004) 8.8.3 (07-Feb-2004) 8.9.0 (25-Mar-2004)

8.10.0 (23-Apr-2004)

8.11.0 (14-Jun-2004)

8.12.0 (26-Aug-2004)

8.13.0 (08-Sep-2004)

8.14.0 (21-Sep-2004) (24-Sep-2004) (2-Oct-2004) (12-Nov-2004) (31-Jan-2005)

9.0.0 (25-Apr-2005)

9.1.0 (03-Jun-2005)

9.2.0 (10-Jun-2005)

9.2.1 (12-Jun-2005)

9.3.0 (12-Nov-2005)

9.4.0 (02-Dec-2005)

10.0.0 (28-Feb-2006)

10.1.0 (10-Apr-2006)

10.2.0 (09-May-2006)

10.3.0 (26-June-2006)

10.3.1 (27-July-2006)

10.3.4 (24-October-2006)

10.3.5 (26-October-2006) (01-August-2007)

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