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Spell checking with InfoHandler 10

InfoHandler 10 features a build-in spellchecker that you can use for many languages,  you can feed it easily with all the words you need for your demands. All you have to do is to copy some words to the Windows Clipboard and then let InfoHandler collect from there the words it does not already know. The tool for managing the SpellChecker dictionary you find on the Tools menu.

Initially the internal dictionary is filled with about 10000 frequent English words in case of the English installation package or German words for the German install variant. If you do not want this language you should clear the dictionary before going on with feeding your words.

 But where do you find the words to be imported to begin with? One source are the documents stored on your own computer, the ones created by yourself (and spell-checked by your word processor). Another source are the documents you can copy from somewhere else. All documents would do well which you can open with some reader program and then copy their content to the Clipboard - including .txt and .doc files that you open with your word processor or .pdf files to open with Adobe Reader. A third source for words are Internet webpages of the needed language, opened with your Internet browser.

The procedure in all these cases is the same: At first open the 'Collect Words' dialog in InfoHandler (from the Tools menu). After that open the document with its reader and choose 'Select All' and then 'Copy' from the Edit menu. Finally click on the 'Import from Clipboard' button at the SpellChercker dialog. Repeat this process until you have collected at least  10.000 words as a start - you will add more words on the fly while working with the text in InfoHandler.

In the case of a plain-text file you can import this also directly using the 'Import from File' command of the SpellChecker.

But there are still more ways to get words for your work with InfoHandler. You can find complete dictionaries for various languages searching the Internet. Some of these are he following:

Wordlists is a collection of dictionaries in many languages. One of these is he Unabridged that we copied for download to this website: (213310 English words)

Note: This and the following word lists are zipped .txt files. After downloading und unzipping import the text file using the 'Import from File' command button.
Moby Language lets you download 5 big dictionaries for the languages French, German, Italien, Japanese, Spanish with a total number of 560,000 words. For your convenience you can download these wordlists in (zipped) plain text format and preprocessed rfor converting the multi-byte representations of accentuated letters to their Unicode equivalents from our website:

Note: You cannot directly use the French and Spanish word lists from this website because accentuated letters are represented as multi-character combinations which have to be converted first to their Unicode equivalents.  And also we cannot recommend the German words from this site because umlauts are represented as 'ae', 'ue' etc.

To provide also a larger German word list  we collected almost 100.000 words using the process described above. The websites searched included news pages of various radio stations, books published by the Gutenberg project, pdf documents found on science oriented sites, and more. The whole process lasted no more than about one hour. So, if you do not find your required vocabulary in the offerings above, do not hesitate to search the Internet for your special stock of words. This is the file with the 100.000 German words collected browsing the Net, created by first importing the documents via Clipboard to the InfoHandler SpellChecker and then exporting them using its Export command.

On the (German) website of Uni Leipzig you find word lists containing the 10,000 most frequent words (for a defined context) for the languages French, English, German, and Dutch. Here are the zipped text versions:

The English and German versions are used to initialize the content of the dictionary after the first installation of InfoHandler using the English resp. German versions of the installation files.

Of course you can collect words of more than one language for your SpellChecker, putting them all in one big local dictionary. And don't forget, you can use the collected words not only for spell checking but also pick them conveniently from the wordlist as you are working your text.