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Pocket InfoHandler (PIH) Version 4.0

Build of July 24, 2006

Pocket InfoHandler for Pocket PC 2003 or Windows Mobile 5.0  is a companion application for MDE InfoHandler 10.3.1 and higher. Features include:

A Screenshot of a Pocket InfoHandler Application

If you want to try this program please do the following:

First make sure that the .NET Compact Framework Version 2.0  is installed on your Pocket PC. If not, you can download it from here

Pocket InfoHandler is available as a CAB file (with file extension '.cab'). After downloading copy this using ActiveSync to your Pocket PC and execute it there by tapping on it in the File Explorer. This installs Pocket InfoHandler on your Pocket PC.

download Pocket InfoHandler 4 installation file InstPIH4.CAB

To use Pocket InfoHandler please first ensure that MDE InfoHandler version 10.3.1 or later is installed on your PC.

To port an InfoBase to Pocket InfoHandler open the InfoBase in InfoHandler 9  and select Export/Import->Export to Pocket PC from the File menu. This creates a .piba file that you should sync to the Pocket PC. On the Pocket PC start Pocket InfoHandler. You will see a file-open dialog where you can find and open the .piba file. After modifying the InfoBase on the Pocket PC you can re-import the changes to the original InfoBase on the PC by simply saving these to a .riba file and copying this to the original folder on the PC.

Note: Without a special Pocket PC license for InfoHandler version 10, which includes a serial for Pocket InfoHandler, you can only export (create a .piba file) 5 times per InfoBase. So if you want to use this feature permanently please acquire a commercial or non-commercial Pocket PC license.

Please have also a look at the online-documentation Special Topics >> Pocket InfoHandler – a Companion for InfoHandler. Inside Pocket InfoHandler you can find documentation by tapping on Help  on the menu bar of the various panes.