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Download of InfoHandler 2008 (MDE InfoHandler 11)

Current Version: 11.1.92 (or higher)


Prerequisite: .NET Framework 3.5 SP1.

InfoHandler 2008 depends on .NET Framework 3.5 which should be installed automatically on using the ClickOnce installation method. You can also install this yourself from the download page Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.


ClickOnce Installation

For installation InfoHandler 2008 uses up-to-date ClickOnce technology. This ensures that necessary preliminaries as for instance the .NET Framework 3.5 are installed (bootstrapped) automatically if necessary. So, if your operating system is Windows 2000/XP/Vista go to the Installation Page (english) and there click on Install. The only necessary other click is on another Install button on a security warning dialog where you have to confirm trusting the publisher

This kind of installation does not require administrator privileges, you can do it on your restricted user account (but not on a 'guest' account).

After installation  you should find an entry MDE Software > InfoHandler 2008 on the Start > Programs menu and also a shortcut on the Desktop.

After every start, if online to the Internet, InfoHandler 2008 checks for the availability of a new version of the software. If a new version is found  this is announced next time the program is started and after confirmation the new software is installed and launched instead of the prior version.

You can uninstall the program as usual  using the Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs tool but, unusually, from there you can also revert t tool but, unusually, from there you can also revert to the prior version in case you are for some reason not happy with the installed last update.



A Zip-Packet for local Installation and Backup (current version 11.1.86)

There have been cases where the online installation described above failed because of problems with the used Internet browser or restrictive settings for a local Firewall. These situations could be overcome by using a local installation variant using this package. On the other hand, and perhaps even more important for many, this package makes you independent of the future availability of the installation website. If, for some cause, you would have to re-install and the website no longer exists, you always could rely on this safely stored installation package.

To download this package click on Download Zip-Packet

To install InfoHandler 2008 open this package and click on IH2008.application.