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Download of MDE InfoHandler 10 for .NET Framework 2.0

Current version: 10.3.11, build of June 19, 2008.

Note: You can run this program using the license code for version 9.

InfoHandler 10 is based upon current Windows technology and might require some preliminary updates of your system. These updates implicate service packs, the Windows Installer,. the .NET Framework, and the runtime libraries. Before proceeding with the installation of InfoHandler 10 on your computer please check for the following points. If you are unsure about the status of these prerequisites you might also simly go on with the installation and only return to this page when you encounter errors.

For Windows XP as well as for Windows 2000 the available service packs (SP2 resp. SP4) should be installed. This normally implies that at least version 3.0 of Windows Installer is also available which is required for installing the runtime libraries). You can get the current version 3.1 of this installer here.

Then you must have .NET Framework version 2.0. If this is not yet installed InfoHandler 10 wouldn't start and you would have to install it then. To do this go to the download page for Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0. You will find there detailed information about this new technology and its system requirements.


To install MDE InfoHandler 10 download the English-only variant

Installer Package (only English) InstIH10_Eng.msi (ca 2.5 MB)

or the German variant which includes both the German and English user interfaces

Installer Package (German and English) InstIH10_DeuEng.msi (ca 3.5 MB)

and execute this in Administrator mode on your computer. Make sure to store this installation file at a save place in case you want to reinstall this version later.

Note: If you are using Mozilla for viewing this page to download one of the files use Save Link Target As from the context menu!

You can install version 10 of InfoHandler side by side with version 9 or 8, but you cannot open InfoBases created or once opened with version 10 anymore using an earlier version. So be sure to >make copies of your existing InfoBases before opening them with InfoHandler 9.

MDE InfoHandler 10 uses most of the global settings including active alarms with the earlier version.


A known minor Problem

A bug has been encountered in the runtime libraries of .Net 2.0. This bug invokes an exception on displaying dates before the year 1900. There are two or three sample InfoBases containing such dates. Until a fix for this bug is provided by Microsoft those dates will be displayed as "--- ??? ---", first provided with version 10.0.1.

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