MDE Software InfoHandler
MDE InfoHandler™ is a Personal Information Manager,
use it as your all-around information solution.
MDE Software InfoHandler
MDE InfoHandler™ is a Personal Information Manager,
use it as your all-around information solution.
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Download of MDE InfoHandler 9 for .NET Framework 1.1 

Current version: 9.4.10 build of April 6, 2006 - uploaded April 6, 2005.

Before trying to install InfoHandler 9 be sure to run Windows 2000 with latest service pack or Windows XP on your computer and have .NET Framework version 1.1 installed. To install the .NET Framework 1,1 please goto

The download page of Microsoft .NET Framework Version 1.1

Alternatively and more up-to-date install the recently released .NET Framework version 2.0 which you can download from

The download page of Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0

You will find there detailed information about this new technology and its system requirements.

To install MDE InfoHandler 9 download the English-only variant

Installer Package (only English) InstIH9_Eng.msi (ca 2.5 MB)

or the German variant which includes both the German and English user interfaces

Installer Package (German and English) InstIH9_DeuEng.msi (ca 3.5 MB)

and execute this on your computer.

Note: If you are using Mozilla for viewing this page to download one of the files use Save Link Target As from the context menu!

To execute the downloaded file and install InfoHandler you need the Microsoft Windows Installer (version 1,5 or later). Since your operating system is Windows XP or Windows 2000 this installation service is probably already included and you just need to launch (double-click on) the downloaded file. In rare cases this installer might not yet be available and the installation of InfoHandler would fail. If this happens please download the Installer from the Microsoft website:

Microsoft Windows Installer 2.0 für Win 2000/XP (InstMsiW.exe)

After downloading start this file with Administrator mode to install the Windows Installer on your computer. After that install InfoHandler.

You can install version 9 of InfoHandler side by side with version 8, but you cannot open InfoBases created or once opened with version 9 anymore using version 8. So be sure to make copies of your existing InfoBases before open them with InfoHandler 9 . MDE InfoHandler 9 uses most of the global settings including active alarms with the earlier version.

Printable User Manual - Version 8.8 of January 24, 2004

There is yet no printable manual available for versions later than 8.8. Please consult the online documentaton for changes and new features afterwards.

Download InfoHandler User Manual infohandler_manual.exe - ca 1.7 MB

This InfoHandler User Manual is in Adobe's 'Portable Document Format' (PDF). To read it on screen or print it you need Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0. In case you do not yet have this or a later version of Acrobat Reader you can download a free copy from .

To extract the containd PDF document just execute this file after downloading.

This 100 pages manual is a formatted version of the online documentation. It features a full list of content as bookmarks and active cross references. You might even want to have a look at this before downloading and trying the software itself.

Known possible problems on installing or running InfoHandler

In rare cases it happens that InfoHandler exits with an error message immediately after launching. The cause are some corrupted data at the System Registry. If this happens just start the program another time - this will fix the problem. InfoHandler needs an up-to-date version of the system library file comctl32.dll. If on launching the program you get any message containing this name your version of this file might not be current enough. If this is the case try to acquire a library update for your operating system.

Please contact us if you encounter any serious problems installing and running InfoHandler!

We would also very like to learn something about your impressions while trying InfoHandler - and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Join the InfoHandler Forum

The InfoHandler Forum is a Yahoo! Group for discussion of all aspects of InfoHandler including announcements of new releases. Everyone interested in this software is welcome to join this group and post questions to fellow members. Posted messages are normally distributed by email to members. If you want some info about Yahoo! Groups before deciding to take part goto to or directly to It's very easy to join, just send an empty message to or click on the button below.
(It's also very easy to quit membership again, just send an empty message to .).

Click here to join InfoHandler
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We need your help.

MDE InfoHandler is continuously being developed further. Thereby the program gains new interesting functionality, some of these being significant extensions, other minor or major improvements of existing features.

But InfoHandler is also a rather complex program. Therefore, every change also involves a certain risk of problematic interactions at places where we did not expect them and that our meticulous testing before publication did not discover. In these (rare) cases we urgently need your help. You could help us by informing us immediately if anything does not seem to work correctly after installing or running the application. We will process this information with highest priority and post updated versions promptly for download.

But we need your help also for the future shaping of InfoHandler. Tell us what you do not like about InfoHandler , what you would like to be changed, what features you would like to see in new versions.

We promise to personally answer to all of your comments and suggestions.