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use it as your all-around information solution.
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Download of MDE InfoHandler Version 8

Note: This version of MDE InfoHandler is outdated by version 9. Do consider trying this only if you have technical problems using version 9 (e.g. wrong Windows version).

Current version:, build of January 30, 2005 - uploaded January 31, 2005.

Note: If you are using Mozilla for viewing this page to download one of the files use Save Link Target As from the context menu!

  Download Installer Package  InstIH8_Eng.msi (ca 2.0 MB)

This installation file contains only the English language part of the program.    

To execute the downloaded file and install InfoHandler you need the Microsoft Windows Installer (version 1,5 or later). If your operating system is Windows XP or Windows 2000 this installation service is probably already included and you just need to launch (double-click on) the downloaded file. Otherwise this installer might not yet be available and the installation of InfoHandler would fail. If this happens please download the Installer from the Microsoft website:

If your operating systen is Windows 98 or Windows ME download

Microsoft Windows Installer for Win 95/98/ME (InstMsiA.exe)   - ca. 1,5 MB

If your operating system is Windows NT4 oder Windows 2000 download

Microsoft Windows Installer 2.0 für Win NT4/2000/XP (InstMsiW.exe)  - ca. 1,6 MB

After downloading just start the file what then installs the Windows Installer on your computer. After that install InfoHandler.

Note: If you have an older version of InfoHandler on your computer installed using the traditional exe installer package (mdih_eng.exe) please uninstall this before installing the new version.




Some more considerations for registered users of version 7 when testing version 8:

MDE InfoHandler 8 is not installed over InfoHandler version 7 (or earlier) but in a different folder and with a different name. If you have already installed an old version of InfoHandler you will see the two versions side by side and can launch one of them alternatively (but not both simultaneously). <

MDE InfoHandler 8 uses most of the global settings including set alarms with the earlier version . One exception is the configuration of tool bars that is stored separately because of new and removed commands.

You can open InfoBases alterant with either version 7 or version 8 - so far we did not encounter problems for version 7 with new content inserted by version 8, this simply would not be visible with the old version. But inspite of that beware of just being to confident. Be sure to make copies of your existing InfoBases before opening and changing them with the new version (as of course you always should make copies of your important InfoBases just to provide against any casualties).


NOTE: We do not recommend trying to install InfoHandler 8 under Windows 95 .If your operating system is this try version 7 (see below) to get an idea of the power of InfoHandler. On registration you may ask for a version 7 serial in addition to that for version 8 w/o paying more.


Download of MDE InfoHandler Version 7

Current version: 7.6.4, build of February 27, 2002 - uploaded February 27, 2002.

You should only download this archive if you are a registered user for version 7 and want to update to the latest revision or lost your installation file. New interested users should start the evaluation with version 8 right away.

Download Installation File mdih7_eeg.exe - ca 2.7 MB