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RegistRegistration of MDE InfoHandler 11 for .NET 3.5

Note: On registration for InfoHandler 11 in addition to the license for InfoHandler 11 you can get a license for InfoHandler 10.

Registration of MDE InfoHandler 11 means purchasing a al InfoHandler license either for commercial or noncommercial use.

There are four different types of licenses for InfoHandler version 11, dependent on the kind of usage and the target system:

Usage can be commercial or noncommercial. Target system can be PC only or PC and PPC (Pocket PC). 

License for commercial use on PC only (Commercial PC License)

The registration fee for commercial use is Euro 90.00 (about US$ 126). For orders from countries of the European Union (EU) 19% VAT is added to this; thus, for EU residents only, the total price is Euro 107,10.The personal InfoHandler license for commercial use is registered to your full name and company. If you do not provide a company name the company part of the license is taken as 'personal usage' or some other entry of your choice with at least 6 characters length.

If you want to use MDE InfoHandler in the multi-user environment of a whole department or site please contact MDE Software to inquire about special offers and arrangements. In this case of multiple licenses you can optionally also choose anonymous licenses where instead of the names of individual employees workplace identifying names are taken as licensees.

License for noncommercial use on PC only (Noncommercial PC License)

This kind of license can also be used for educational purposes.

The registration fee for noncommercial use is Euro 60.00 (about US$ 84). For orders from countries of the European Union (EU) 19% VAT is added to this; thus, for EU residents only, the total price is Euro 71,40. In noncommercial licenses the company part of the license info is always 'noncommercial' with the exception of educational institutions where the name of the institution is used.

Extended licenses for use on PC and Pocket PC (PPC Licenses)

On acquiring a license for use on PC and PPC you get an additional serial number that enables the unrestricted export of InfoBases to Pocket InfoHandler via Pocket InfoBases which you can process on the Pocket PC and reimport any changes to the PC based original InfoBase. The surcharge to the fee mentioned above is 33.3 %, so the price is Euro 120.00 for the commercial license and Euro 80,00 for the noncommercial license (plus VAT if so required).

Upgrade licenses

If you already are registered for version 11 with a PC license you can extend to the PPC license for a special fee: for commercial licenses the extension price is Euro 40.00, für noncommercial licenses the extension price is Euro 30.00 (plus VAT if so required).

If you are registered for any version prior to version 11 you are entitled to upgrade to any of the above mentioned licenses for 50 % of the regular fee. so prices become:

type of license price price + VAT
Commercial PC license Euro 45.00 Euro 53,55
Commercial PPC license Euro 60.00 Euro 71,40
Uncommercial PC license Euro 30.00 Euro 35,70
Uncommercial PPC license Euro 40.00 Euro 47,60

Note: Owners of licenses for InfoHandler 9 can use their licenses with all versions of InfoHandler 10.


In return for your registration you get a personal code by e-mail that, together with your full name and company, will unlock MDE InfoHandler version 11.x and in the case of an extended license the export to Pocket PC. This means that you can upgrade your copy of InfoHandler version 11.x to any subsequent release of MDE InfoHandler of version 11 without need of further registration. We also ensure that in case of releasing a new main version less than 6 months after your original purchase of the preceding version you are entitled during six months after this release to get a license for the new version free of charge on demand.

Note: On request you might get in addition to the license for version 11 a license for version 10, 9 and/or version 8. The latter can be helpful if you want to run the software under Windows 98/Me for the time being before upgrading to Windows XP on a later time.

Delivery of the license usually takes place less than 24 hours after registration. Occasionally there may be some delay, we are asking for your understanding in such a case.

Please understand that MDE InfoHandler is distributed solely via the Internet. In particular, shipment of media by normal ground post is not possible. Also license information is sent only via e-mail . You cannot purchase non-personal licenses (e.g. a site license for a company) via the regular registration method. These provisons remain in effect even if you can select differing options while using the registration service.

You are expected to install and use MDE InfoHandler 11 on your system and to thoroughly evaluate its usefulness and functionality before making a purchase. This "try before you buy" approach is the ultimate guarantee that this software will perform to your satisfaction. Therefore you understand and agree that there is a no-refund policy for any purchase of MDE InfoHandler.


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Upgrade Licenses

Orders through the following links will only be served for registered customers or after prior special agreement with MDE Software!
Do not use any of these if you are not qualified as such!

Note: Please keep your license data ready since you are asked on registering to enter part of the serial number.

Extension to PPC licenses for owners of PC Licenses for version 11:

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Upgrade to licenses for version 11 for owners of a license for an earlier version of MDE InfoHandler:

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Note: If you own several licenses you can buy as many upgrades as you own licenses. If you purchase less upgrades as your current number allows we will contact you to request the names of the individuel licensees.

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